Pure randomosity!

Pure randomosity is a girl I follow on youtube, (that’s where I learned the checkered nails thing) Weell, today I saw this video that she made, and today she was talking about hand doodles. I think I got some pretty good ideas for drawings, so I’m going to try draw some stuff later. If you got anything you want me to draw, leave me a note:P  I draw not only drawings, but tattoos as well. I drew one for my sister, I haven’t showed her it yet, but I think it turned out well 😀 I’ll post a picture of it later.

So what are u people doing?



Checkered Nails-How to tutorial!!!

I’ve walked around with checkered nails for a couple of days now, and some people are asking me how I did that. So, I wanted to make a tutorial on it… so, the materials you’re going to need are:

  • A white pen
  • A black pen (and I mean PEN!)
  • clear nail polish
  • and maybe nail polish remover, just in case.

    So, grab a pad of paper, and make sure the pen work. Both of them really. First you paint on a coat of clear nail polish, (or two, if you want it to stay on longer…) And make sure it’s completely dry before you continue. And then you  grab on to the white pen and draw out the checkered pattern on your nails. And then let it dry. (Make sure it’s really dry!!! this is important, if you don’t wait long enough for it to dry completely,it will turn out as a disaster!) Then you fill in with the black pen, and let it dry. And when it’s DRY!!!! you paint on the final coat of clear nail polish…. and there u go! 🙂

This is not my hands, or nails:P (that was weird I guess….) This is a random picture I found by using google…. wehaw.


Poizen Industries

Well. I usually don’t blog about clothes and stuff, because… well, so many other people do. But, this time I thought of writing a little about my style. My style is… well the “this is MY style” isn’t really my thing, because even if you say that that’s your style, and you don’t get tips and ideas by others, you do. I don’t care if you do not agree, but I tell you, you aren’t the only one who dress the way you do. Some people just like the same things, even if you don’t think so. Well. (omg, I use the word Well to often!) I like clothes that is kind of… punk inspired. My favorite brand is Poizen Industries. I don’t like all the cloths they sell, because I think some of them are really weird. But that’s just me being me. However, I found a hoody   from Poizen Industries today, really cool I think. (and if you don’t agree, don’t care to tell me.)It’s a Multicolored stripe, zip-up, knitted hoody with thumb holes in sleeves, concealed stash pocket, kitty eared hood and removable BBK patch. The brand Poizen Industries do you find at Attitude Clothing.com… And here it is:

I don’t usually wear clothes in this many colours. I prefer totally black clothes, though I love this one:P I do not look like the model, and I don’t want to either. There’s so many people who disrespect people which dress and look like this. (and that’s childish! Grow up people, disrespecting others only because they look the way they want to is silly.) Attitude Clothing.com also have a lot of other brands like Hell bunny. They also have male clothes. (really cute ones to! I love their models…Maybe I should ask for a package deal, and get the model too.) If you have any questions about the brands, or how to get the sizes right, you should visit their site yourself, but I would be glad to help you if you have any questions! 🙂

Queen of Broken.

Music is the soul of language

There is no theory. You have only to listen. Pleasure is the law. I love music passionately. And because l love it, I try to free it from barren traditions that stifle it. It is a free art gushing forth, an open-air art boundless as the elements, the wind, the sky, the sea. It must never be shut in and become an academic art.

I was only eleven years . My life was hell. But I couldn’t scream. Or run away. Because the source to my dark, deep pain was between the walls of my home. My mom was, and still are an alcoholic. She have been like that since I were little. I don’t remember those days very well, all that remains is dark thoughts of me praying for it to end. She was fighting with her husband. The carpet on the floor in the living room was soaked with blood and red wine. But even though, I still remember when I found a way to scream. To escape. To be able to continue living, surviving every single day, one by one. I found music, heavy rock. The guitars screamed for me, and the vocalist and the lyrics told me that I weren’t alone anymore. I could survive. And people around me realized that I had problems. And the help I prayed for came. The music became my ticket back into life. The music is still my backup when days are to heavy for me to get through on my own. I don’t speak about this often, though. Maybe it would be easier if people knew? That I don’t have to carry my burden alone, if only for a second? I know a very beautiful quote: Success is to know that another being have breathed easier because of your existence. And it’s true. I wish I could thank the bands who made me a fighter myself in person. And I think I do, by writing this. So, thank you, Saxon, Dio, and Accept, for making me breath a little more freely. Than you.

Queen of >Broken.

Please dear readers out there!!!

I have a question for you!

And that’s because I realized I actually have a bunch of readers! And nothing makes me more happy that to see you visiting my blog! I want YOU!

What would YOU like to read about here on my blog? I really love comments and new ideas! And I really want to improve my writing skills and what I write about!

You know just what to do! Please leave a comment!!!!


Okay, Norsk, Min kjære mor, og purken:P

(this post is written in Norwegian. visit google translate if you need.)

Uansett. I dag var jeg veldig koslig. Ringte min kjære mor, og hun tok telefonen mens hun satt i bilen. Og kjørte. På motorveien. You heard me. Veldig klokt og modent gjort. Anyway, det gikk helt greit, inntil hun fant ut at bilen som kjørte bak henne var politi i sivil. Førerkort takk…. Oh yes, det ble jeg arveløs gitt. Det var dagens lille festlige:P

Queen of Hilarious…

And a question for you…

If death meant just leaving the stage long enough
to change costume
and come back as a new character..
would you slow down?
or speed up?

what would your answer be? I know mine.

Queen of Broken.

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