My dream… about you.

It felt so real. This dream. I could smell the wet ground beneath me. I was lying on my back, upon dead grass and leaves. It was cold, and the air was clear and sharp. The sky above me was darkening.  The air smelled like autumn. A tree stretched towards the sky. I just observed. Watched. Suddenly I could feel you beside me. Lying down on the ground like me. I didn’t turn my head to look at you. I just knew you were there. So close. Suddenly I felt sad. Because you were so close. And yet, this were only a dream. But my feelings for you remained real, even in this dream. I love you.

This was a dream I had some months ago. I decided to draw the tree. and the sky above. I tried to get the feeling right. And maybe I got it the way I desired.

-the end for now-


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