What is…

To love
open your heart
To be loved
open your heart

Love is risky
so be prepared to suffer
Love is shivering
so be prepared to tremble

What is love but an opposition to hate
What is love but feelings for another
What is really love?
It just can’t be defined

Love is strong
might be an unbreakable connection
Love is powerful
might break you into different types of tears

Handle love with care
and be rewarded so on
Handle love with affection
and be happy so on

Disrespect the power of love
and you will pay the price
Take love for granted
and you will lose it all

Use what you feel
so dear to feel
Let love flow
do not hide it away

This was a poem I found on the net today… it was so beautiful that I broke down in tears… ’cause this is one of the most true things I’ve ever read about love. Everything written is so true, it’s almost unbelievable. Maybe it is so, because I doesn’t want to believe that this might be true? And what is love? Is love true love, no matter who you love?


(I have not written this myself, so if you want to know where I found this, just paste the link into your browser, thank you.)

Queen of Broken.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. wordwand
    Apr 06, 2010 @ 21:15:41

    thanks for the lovely poem, well done.


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