What do you people think about….

One question I keep asking myself is, what’s the point with life. Well, I can’t say that money doesn’t matter to me. I’m just one of those who dream about a big house with many bathrooms. But I’m trying to see the other side. Think about those who eat whatever they find. Those who live on the street, and have no home to return to. Some might think that’s their own fault. So I want to make a change….but what can I do? Give away money? Well, the first thing is the question: whats really important in life? money? love? a big family and a lovely home? That important job of yours? And when writing this I remembered the saying that is something like “when you are busy collecting stones….” (pleaseplease leave a comment if you know this!)  If I got to know more about whats important in life for others than myself, maybe that would help me make some small changes… Well…One thing I can do is draw, so maybe I could make art, sell it and then give away the money to some organization or something…. (any ideas? well, leave a comment!)

um… I realize my English is pretty bad, but I hope I have made it understandable…

Queen of Broken.


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