Well…. I know there are many people who are soo interested in japanese culture. And I am one of them…. But. I live in Norway. So…. wanna explore little japansese culture in the heart of Norway? Then read the following text!!!:

Visit if you wanna know more! Everything on their site can easily be translated into English.

Desucon is a Norwegian convention focusing on Japanese culture, science-fiction and fantasy. It’s being held in the middle of Oslo, at the Oslo Congress Center the 26th and 27th of June. Guren Promotions will be holding a concert with the band Versailles, a famous Japanese rock band.

If you want tickets to this- visit their site.

So, time for a little explanation: What I find fascinating with the Japanese culture, and why I got interested in an so far away country.  Well, I was an extreme fan of Pokemon (the tv show) when I was little. But I didn’t know that Pokemon were Japanese. And I have always been interested in art. (I draw a lot myself) so, the whole thing began with the day one of my friends showed me the world of manga and anime (Japanese movies and comics) I started to watch the anime named Naruto. And I fell in love with the language. I decided I wanted to learn to draw manga and anime, and then go study abroad in japan. But then I needed to learn more about Japan, the language, and their culture. And for that day on, I fell in love. Japan is my dream, really. I want soo badly to study there. And it’s a bit confusing for others, cause they don’t understand why I love Japanese culture so much…. But how can I explain….. 😛

Another thing I like is the weird kind of clothing. It’s somewhat some kind of cosplay. Just look at the pictures down below, and you’ll understand what I’m trying to explain ( in very poor English) this style is called Harajuku…

Queen of Broken


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