Poizen Industries

Well. I usually don’t blog about clothes and stuff, because… well, so many other people do. But, this time I thought of writing a little about my style. My style is… well the “this is MY style” isn’t really my thing, because even if you say that that’s your style, and you don’t get tips and ideas by others, you do. I don’t care if you do not agree, but I tell you, you aren’t the only one who dress the way you do. Some people just like the same things, even if you don’t think so. Well. (omg, I use the word Well to often!) I like clothes that is kind of… punk inspired. My favorite brand is Poizen Industries. I don’t like all the cloths they sell, because I think some of them are really weird. But that’s just me being me. However, I found a hoody   from Poizen Industries today, really cool I think. (and if you don’t agree, don’t care to tell me.)It’s a Multicolored stripe, zip-up, knitted hoody with thumb holes in sleeves, concealed stash pocket, kitty eared hood and removable BBK patch. The brand Poizen Industries do you find at Attitude Clothing.com… And here it is:

I don’t usually wear clothes in this many colours. I prefer totally black clothes, though I love this one:P I do not look like the model, and I don’t want to either. There’s so many people who disrespect people which dress and look like this. (and that’s childish! Grow up people, disrespecting others only because they look the way they want to is silly.) Attitude Clothing.com also have a lot of other brands like Hell bunny. They also have male clothes. (really cute ones to! I love their models…Maybe I should ask for a package deal, and get the model too.) If you have any questions about the brands, or how to get the sizes right, you should visit their site yourself, but I would be glad to help you if you have any questions! 🙂

Queen of Broken.


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