Desucon was GREAT! I really had so much fun, and it was very nice to watch people cosplaying. There were so many mystical creatures and so on there! It’s like it’s own magical world. I really enjoyed it, and I wish the festival had lasted longer. But I’ll look forward to next year’s Desucon, I think I wanna have a stand then, to sell some of my drawing or so…

I think everyone should join Desucon. It’s great, funny, and you meet so many people. A lot of new friends actually! I’ll post some pictures and maybe a video later, but I’m super tired now, and I don’t really have the blog-feeling thing at the moment. I’m so tired, I have been walking around so much these days, going to bed very late, and getting up in the morning, very early. So I haven’t slept as much as I should…



Directions -the hair dye

Like I said before, I’ve colored my hair red. And the product I use is Direction with the color vermillion.. Anyway, I don’t recommend Directions, since the color fades in 3 days ūüė¶ anyway, a product I DO recommend is Manic Panic. I’m going to color my hair again, and this brand looks very promising. ūüôā I haven’t chosen color yet, but I’m kinda keen on the color Shocking Blue…. ūüėÄ


Goth clothing

I have been asked a lot lately about my way of clothing style… I can’t say that I have any specific style, but I am kind of goth inspired. I really like the Victorian Gothic style, but it’s sometimes very overdone, and not so classy. If you want to dress like an Victorian vampire, then that’s great, but please, don’t overdo it… You can find many places to buy this kind of clothes all over the web, (Google……) but I thought about recommending a Norwegian site. is great! I often buy clothes here.. ūüėÄ Anyway… If you still aren’t sure about the goth style, then you could get some inspiration from the following pictures, or you could look after artwork done by Victoria Frances. (she’s great!) or some artwork done by me ūüėÄ But, one thing with style… don’t copy, make your own and make your personality shine through:D¬† And yep, I’ll write more abput the gothic LOLITA style later today…or tomorrow, so tune in!


A dream among stars.

Hello ūüėÄ I found another poem to share with you people out there…

This is written by someone who calls her(?) self Amorina:

A Dream Among Stars

Look at me,
come take my hand

Then close your eyes,
let me take you to another land

The land where dreams come true
There is only one I can dream of,
the only one there is you

At night I pray your face
will appear on the sky

You make my lips shiver,


I finally got the urge to write again. I feel like I have neglected my blogging for a long time. I’ve had a lot to do so… like, I’ve meet some really cool people, and I’ve meet this amazing guy…. *smile* well…. *smilingforages* back to the earth… well, (is a word I use a lot..) i’m kinda high on caffeine now, so u really don’t need to read all this shit. But I’ve done one very funny thing. I’ve dyed my hair. Red. *evil laughing* I’ll post a picture later, but now I gotta go, because my dad is going to borrow my computer, because his one is fucked up. And I will also post a story I wrote here the other day. It’s kinda emo (emo is not a bad word!) So, if u don’t like sad stories, then find urself another fucki***ng blog to read. Thanks for the attention.


Can’t be tamed? ur a little girl bitch… ^^

Some love her, and some hate her. Like me. I hate Miley Cyrus. She is a package with shit, stupidity and selfishness. I wouldn’t kill her, even if I got the chance, but I must say that she must be the biggest, most grouse attention-whore like ever. And if you don’t think so, then leave a comment where u tell me whats positive about her. If u find something. ^^