I finally got the urge to write again. I feel like I have neglected my blogging for a long time. I’ve had a lot to do so… like, I’ve meet some really cool people, and I’ve meet this amazing guy…. *smile* well…. *smilingforages* back to the earth… well, (is a word I use a lot..) i’m kinda high on caffeine now, so u really don’t need to read all this shit. But I’ve done one very funny thing. I’ve dyed my hair. Red. *evil laughing* I’ll post a picture later, but now I gotta go, because my dad is going to borrow my computer, because his one is fucked up. And I will also post a story I wrote here the other day. It’s kinda emo (emo is not a bad word!) So, if u don’t like sad stories, then find urself another fucki***ng blog to read. Thanks for the attention.



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