Goth clothing

I have been asked a lot lately about my way of clothing style… I can’t say that I have any specific style, but I am kind of goth inspired. I really like the Victorian Gothic style, but it’s sometimes very overdone, and not so classy. If you want to dress like an Victorian vampire, then that’s great, but please, don’t overdo it… You can find many places to buy this kind of clothes all over the web, (Google……) but I thought about recommending a Norwegian site. is great! I often buy clothes here.. šŸ˜€ Anyway… If you still aren’t sure about the goth style, then you could get some inspiration from the following pictures, or you could look after artwork done by Victoria Frances. (she’s great!) or some artwork done by me šŸ˜€ But, one thing with style… don’t copy, make your own and make your personality shine through:DĀ  And yep, I’ll write more abput the gothic LOLITA style later today…or tomorrow, so tune in!



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