About me…

So… who am I? Well, that’s probably not the easiest question I’ve asked myself lately. But I could write about my dreams, interests, hobbies, and friends… and I will. The reason I started blogging is because of one of my many dreams. I really want to become an author. However, I don’t know what kind of books I want to write, thought I like psychological books. With loads of action. I also started to blog because I wanted to reach out further to people I don’t know. (Yet) And of course, since I’m Norwegian, I really want to improve my English. Mostly  my writing skills.

I’m not totally sure of what I’m going to blog about yet, but I’ll find something to write about that fits with my personality and interests, so I can really be passionate about what I write. I also post pictures of what I draw, because drawing is my number one favorite hobby.

I also want to write my thought and ideas here. That’s one of the part of being me. I say what I want, and I write what I want, most of the time at least, I don’t like to hurt people.



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