New era

Dear readers!

I’m so sorry I haven’t written in a while. Well, now I’m ready for a lot more fun. I’ve realized that my blog is ind of chaotic, and I really want to make it more clear what this blog will be about. I’m very into japanese culture, like manga, lolita style and that kind of stuff. So that will be what I’ll be writing about from now on. Of course I’ll also tell you a little bit about whats happening in my life, and I’ll continue to post poems. Further on I’ll post my drawings more often, so you can see my progress, if there’s any. If you would like me to write about something specific , please leave a comment.




Desucon was GREAT! I really had so much fun, and it was very nice to watch people cosplaying. There were so many mystical creatures and so on there! It’s like it’s own magical world. I really enjoyed it, and I wish the festival had lasted longer. But I’ll look forward to next year’s Desucon, I think I wanna have a stand then, to sell some of my drawing or so…

I think everyone should join Desucon. It’s great, funny, and you meet so many people. A lot of new friends actually! I’ll post some pictures and maybe a video later, but I’m super tired now, and I don’t really have the blog-feeling thing at the moment. I’m so tired, I have been walking around so much these days, going to bed very late, and getting up in the morning, very early. So I haven’t slept as much as I should…


Luck….is what I want (need)

The koi fish is an old Japanese symbol of luck. When I saw you today, I knew luck was what I needed. How could you ever understand that what I needed was you to sit down, and listen to my feelings. I know you know I love you. But why? Why do you treat me this way? I know I’m only a friend to you but… What I need is you realizing. And give me some luck.

Queen of Broken.

Well, I realized that I forgot to give you people the link to that game I wrote about in my last blogpost. Well, just past this into your browser: and then search for unicorn:P


Well…. I know there are many people who are soo interested in japanese culture. And I am one of them…. But. I live in Norway. So…. wanna explore little japansese culture in the heart of Norway? Then read the following text!!!:

Visit if you wanna know more! Everything on their site can easily be translated into English.

Desucon is a Norwegian convention focusing on Japanese culture, science-fiction and fantasy. It’s being held in the middle of Oslo, at the Oslo Congress Center the 26th and 27th of June. Guren Promotions will be holding a concert with the band Versailles, a famous Japanese rock band.

If you want tickets to this- visit their site.

So, time for a little explanation: What I find fascinating with the Japanese culture, and why I got interested in an so far away country.  Well, I was an extreme fan of Pokemon (the tv show) when I was little. But I didn’t know that Pokemon were Japanese. And I have always been interested in art. (I draw a lot myself) so, the whole thing began with the day one of my friends showed me the world of manga and anime (Japanese movies and comics) I started to watch the anime named Naruto. And I fell in love with the language. I decided I wanted to learn to draw manga and anime, and then go study abroad in japan. But then I needed to learn more about Japan, the language, and their culture. And for that day on, I fell in love. Japan is my dream, really. I want soo badly to study there. And it’s a bit confusing for others, cause they don’t understand why I love Japanese culture so much…. But how can I explain….. 😛

Another thing I like is the weird kind of clothing. It’s somewhat some kind of cosplay. Just look at the pictures down below, and you’ll understand what I’m trying to explain ( in very poor English) this style is called Harajuku…

Queen of Broken