Pure randomosity!

Pure randomosity is a girl I follow on youtube, (that’s where I learned the checkered nails thing) Weell, today I saw this video that she made, and today she was talking about hand doodles. I think I got some pretty good ideas for drawings, so I’m going to try draw some stuff later. If you got anything you want me to draw, leave me a note:P  I draw not only drawings, but tattoos as well. I drew one for my sister, I haven’t showed her it yet, but I think it turned out well 😀 I’ll post a picture of it later.

So what are u people doing?



Checkered Nails-How to tutorial!!!

I’ve walked around with checkered nails for a couple of days now, and some people are asking me how I did that. So, I wanted to make a tutorial on it… so, the materials you’re going to need are:

  • A white pen
  • A black pen (and I mean PEN!)
  • clear nail polish
  • and maybe nail polish remover, just in case.

    So, grab a pad of paper, and make sure the pen work. Both of them really. First you paint on a coat of clear nail polish, (or two, if you want it to stay on longer…) And make sure it’s completely dry before you continue. And then you  grab on to the white pen and draw out the checkered pattern on your nails. And then let it dry. (Make sure it’s really dry!!! this is important, if you don’t wait long enough for it to dry completely,it will turn out as a disaster!) Then you fill in with the black pen, and let it dry. And when it’s DRY!!!! you paint on the final coat of clear nail polish…. and there u go! 🙂

This is not my hands, or nails:P (that was weird I guess….) This is a random picture I found by using google…. wehaw.