Can’t be tamed? ur a little girl bitch… ^^

Some love her, and some hate her. Like me. I hate Miley Cyrus. She is a package with shit, stupidity and selfishness. I wouldn’t kill her, even if I got the chance, but I must say that she must be the biggest, most grouse attention-whore like ever. And if you don’t think so, then leave a comment where u tell me whats positive about her. If u find something. ^^


hair…..loads of hair….spray!

People have been asking me how I do my hair, so this is for them: How I do my hair! 😀

Things you need:

Loads of hairspray
and a straight iron:P

First of all, I straighten my hair. Then I apply a small amount of paste. Then I turn my head upside down, and spray with the hairspray. I use Clynol hairspray. Its awesome, but it doesn’t smell so good. It smells like nail polish remover or something. When I’m finished with the spray does my hair look like a road kill. Then I brush it down again, with my fingers. So, then I’m done:P  And, for those out there who doesn’t know what my hair looks like: -Kiba.

Tidal wave and new knowledge.

I’ve never quite felt comfy about going in my class. It’s like I don’t fit in, like the other ones do. And I have maybe judged them, and I really thought I knew some of them, but, I have realized that I don’t. There are so many wonderful, nice people in my class. And I didn’t feel comfy because I didn’t knew them very well. But this week have really been different. And I’m sad I misjudged people I didn’t know. It’s been like a tidal wave.

(sorry, my computer is kinda fucked, so that’s why I haven’t uploaded any pictures)


I’ll forever sing!

This is most likely the fifth time I say (write) that I’ve discovered even more music. The bands I found today is the following:

The Modern March – I recommend the song Run Kid Run<3

Black Veil Brides – The song Knives and Pens. (You’ll not find this on itunes…)

Silverstein – I recommend the song Heroine.

You just have to check out these bands! I love them so much!! And you guys out there know how music matters to me. But now I’ll have to go, I need to study for this test on Friday. Math, mock exam.


Sooo soorrry…..again:P

duh… sorry guys. I haven’t been writing in a long time now. Well, that’s probably because of all the exams at school these days. But(t) I’ll write as much as I can manage. I promise!! Lately it have been actually more people in  there than usual. I’m so proud! (I wish you started leaving comments!) However.. I have found another band. I guess people knew about this band already,  but I didn’t. tatatatattaaaa! The band is Bullet For My Valentine!

I’ll write more as soon as possible. Now I have to go, my room needs a cleaner.