Characters in Anime/Manga, why do we love them?

Whenever I find a story I enjoy, it’s often because of one of the characters. One I find similar to myself and so on. And I started to wonder why I get to hooked up in some characters. My top 3 favorites are probably Lawliet (L) from Death Note, And I guess this is because he is epic. There’s no one like him.

I like Gaara of the Sand from Naruto just as well, mostly because of his epic powers, and his past. He is a very sad person and the one thing he don’t have is love. (that’s why he bears the sign “Ai” in his face. “Ai” means Love in Japanese.)

And the last one is…. hm… Ichigo from bleach. Only because his eyes becomes silver when he’s mad and he’s good looking. I love his hair.
I had a thing for Sasuke from Naruto a while, but then he became so F*** overpower and evil, and overwhelmingly stupid, and gay, after he ran of with Orochimaru. ( I don’t say it’s wrong to be gay. Actually, I think gay is cute, and that people should fall in love with whoever they want because love is unpredictable.)

I guess I get so hooked up in different characters because I really wish the story were true. And because they are epic. ^w^