gift to a friend…

I want to give a friend of mine a birthday present. But what? She doesn’t want anything. Oh God I need help.

Please leave a comment…..



Alternative Clothes! :D

I love alternative style, and to be myself. I like to dress different from others. So, I thought of making a list of my favorite alternative clothing brands. (If you can call them brands…) You can find all these brands by visiting the side of :, here is the list of awesomeness:

  • Hellbunny
  • Poizen Industries
  • Bleeding Star clothing
  • cupcake cult
  • glamour kills
  • darkside
  • love & hate

    And many more<3 pay them a visit and see for yourself!!
    -Kiba šŸ˜€

hair…..loads of hair….spray!

People have been asking me how I do my hair, so this is for them: How I do my hair! šŸ˜€

Things you need:

Loads of hairspray
and a straight iron:P

First of all, I straighten my hair. Then I apply a small amount of paste. Then I turn my head upside down, and spray with the hairspray. I use Clynol hairspray. Its awesome, but it doesn’t smell so good. It smells like nail polish remover or something. When I’m finished with the spray does my hair look like a road kill. Then I brush it down again, with my fingers. So, then I’m done:PĀ  And, for those out there who doesn’t know what my hair looks like: -Kiba.